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01 June 2012


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The Coffee Lady

I often wonder if every head teacher has a special dressing up box with weird outfits in - book day outfits, Jubilee outfits, Victorian outfits, Tudor outfits...


Fab bunting! And red, white, and blue are my national colors too so all is good! K x

Fleur Cotton

I'm loving all the red, white and blue at the moment too.

Just finished a special jubilee knit, pop over and have a look.

Have a great jubilee weekend too.
Fleur xx


I've never heard of jubilee, but I love your stamp bunting!


ooh love the stampy bunting, rather intrigued as to what it's draped over!


I'd never thought of making bunting from stamps. What a good idea.


what a thing of beauty! i love your stamp bunting ali...such a great idea. you need a commoners set for when this royal celebration malarkey comes to an end next week!

i can't help myself but like the monachy. it is kind of a guilty pleasure but growing up with a grandma who loved the queen and a mum who loved princess di (endless debates still ensue on that particular topic...) and so i just do.

we are going to join the party over the weekend. my other half will be humouring me (he's irish) but my little one is half red white and blue so i think it's cool we get to enjoy a bit of a knees up. and i just love the whole community spirit that comes with it all don't you?

so wishing you a fun one. watch out for raindrops! xXx


love your stamp bunting Ali. Have a fun weekend x

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Love, love, love your mini bunting! What a clever idea. My bunting-making has got a bit delayed this week so I must get cutting and stringing tomorrow or I will be left behind. Happy jubilee weekend and half term! E x


It's a pretty amazing milestone. I'm fond of the old dear myself - at least as much burden in her life as privilege, and the shared culture is important. I'll eat a flake in her honour.

Account Deleted

Love the stamp bunting! It turned out great!


Wow your bunting is fab :)

Nina - Tabiboo

I wondered the same when my middle daughters school sang the national anthem in unison at their jubilee party.

I love the bunting,

Have a fun filled weekend and enjoy the merriments.

Nina xxx

Annie @ knitsofacto

You always have such wonderful ideas Ali, and what a thing of beauty your bunting is :D

Have a wonderful Jubilee weekend :D

UK lass in US

Sweet bunting! I rather like the monarchy in a 'thank goodness I'm not Royal' way - can you imagine being born into that??

I don't suppose that you could ask everyone to leave up the bunting and decorations 'til my visit this summer, could you? I'd love to see it.


Ooh I like this! Not so Jubilee crazy up here in Scotland, but there are a few tea parties!


Lovely bunting there! Happy Jubilee to you all.


The stamp bunting is marvelous! I've really enjoyed watching the Jubilee from across the pond. It does look like everyone's having fun, whether they're excited about the queen or just excited to be excited.



What an adorable bunting! I hope you had a wonderful jubilee weekend. Do you think all the Union Jacks will still be flying through the summer (you know, because of the Olympics or anything?)

Sue, Australia

Hope you all had a wonderful long, long weekend in the UK. I'm a bit of a Republican myself, however, I have a great deal of respect for the Queen and what she has achieved. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching all of the parades, concerts and the pomp and ceremony that you do so well. Alas from afar.


That is just perfect.


Your vague fondness for the monarchy sums up exactly how I feel too - unfortunately I mentioned this to my parents who were highly disappointed as they are true Royalists! I've enjoyed the four day weekend but haven't really seen much of the pageantry for the Jubilee on television which is actually quite an achievement I think!

French Knots

Love the mini bunting.
We were away in the caravan and won second place for best decorations - any excuse to make some bunting, though mine was a bit bigger.

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