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25 June 2012


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Oh, well done for doing the cycling proficiency thing. I wouldn't have the courage!


I love your picture! And not just because it has a beautiful cat in it - it's a lovely picture. I didn't know about colours week, but I'm going to get involved as it sounds like a fun but not too involved project. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Annie @ knitsofacto

What a gorgeous cat! And such a great photo :D


oh Ali, that's a stunning picture of Reggie - lucky cat lazing in the grass. Sounds like you have a typical group of boys there in your cycling proficency group - the local school use our road to train on and I find it quite funny watching the boys trying to pull wheelies when the instructor isn't looking!


I hope that you are going to enter that picture for this week at Summer Colour? It is super.

Thrifty Household

what a photogenic cat you have!


They wouldn't let my Miss 10 out on the on the road part, because she wouldn't take her hands off the handlebars for anything. Neither waving nor signalling.


You're too funny! Just wait until the driving lessons. After several fender benders, I've declared my youngest worse than the "woman" drivers he's always making fun of. LOVE that peek of green. Over here, your kitty would fade into all of our water-deprived dead grass!

Nina - Tabiboo

I remember that from two years ago - boys....nothing changes. From a bike riding point of view.

Nina xxx

Paola Russo

This shot is PRECIOUS!!!


No 1 is doing his cycling proficiency... he thinks that once he's done he can ride around town ON HIS OWN whenever he wants.



God help us indeed. I am just believing wholeheartedly in the possibility that my son will not want to learn to drive until he is 30. At least.

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