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11 June 2012


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And where will you sleep while he's camping in his open roofed cowshed?

I have done the Briggs Myers thing, and also had to have Belbin analysis done for work once - I usually end up as INFJ or INFP which ties in well with the Belbin analysis; that ended up suggesting I was better fitted to teaching or nursing than the management role I was in ;-) I should add I quit shortly afterwards and now spend half my life helping at the village school!


That picture looks like your boy has antlers!


Some need dreams, some need projects. Some are lucky and combine the two.


It seems I have the perfect job for my ISTJ personality. Being a housewife allows me plenty of time alone, provides lots of practical tasks and I work for an organisation to which I am intensely committed. I have surely made the right career choice.


I'm sure I'm totally unsuitable for the job I'm doing at present, but no-one else is volunteering, sigh!


Oh Ali, the possibilities are out there, a project to get your teeth into sounds perfect, the opportunity to dream and realise.


I'm an INTJ, which makes me happy being a housewifey solitary sort, but with the planning, project-loving aspects as well. I would class looking at stately homes for sale and planning what I would do with them as one of my hobbies; I would love a cowshed and five acres too!


I'm an INFJ myself, which means I get energized by being alone. I have spent a lot of social time lately, and I love it, but I'm totally exhausted!

Your garden pix are gorgeous. You've done a good job of making me want to get out in the world to do some exploring. That's why us introverts need extroverts like you!



A five-acred, unroofed cowshed sounds a bit extreme but I hope there's a way for you to find the perfect project to fire up that excitement again.

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Having "projects" on the go is as far as I am concerned a survival mechanism. With one (or two, or more!) I'm ok to keep going at the less inspiring bits of life. Without anything, I stall! So all grist to your mill, Ali, in finding the right thing whether that's the cow shed and 5 acres or something on a smaller scale. For what it's worth, I've found having several smaller scale projects can help things along while waiting for the right bigger one. My mother gave me a wonderful piece of advice when I was wondering about how I would get back to teaching after being out of it while my son was tiny and all the part time jobs that seemed to be on offer were incompatible with being there at the beginning and end of the day for my 3 year old. She said "when the right door opens, you'll know and find yourself able to walk through it." I took her at her word and resolved to go through doors that opened that were feasible and, as you know, that took me in a surprising direction I never dreamed of at the time! Happy Hunting! Elizabeth x


ENFJ - I think that fits a lawyer. Lovely photographs


From an INFP...when I told a colleague that I was an 'introvert' she looked at me and said YOU! (I'm rather outspoken in meetings if I feel something needs to be said.) I tried to explain it was not a case of being able to speak to a group or not but where you get your energy...unlike you I need to retreat into myself when things get rather overwhelming. Projects are good...I have lots of projects! Some get done.

Magic Bean

Am off to test my personality in a mo. My Mr is also after a cowshed with no roof and five acres... hope we don't find the same one! Ax


I think that sounds like a grand plan... may I suggest looking over 'this' way a bit?

(I dragged Mr M to see a 'project' the other week... he's still running in the opposite direction. Sigh.)

The Coffee Lady

I hate those tests. I don't recognise myself in any of the questions. And then I worry that I am bland and dithery.


Five acres and a cowshed! Sounds great!

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