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30 May 2012


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Oh I know just what you mean about that smell, unmistakeable and memory filled, you described your moment so beautifully.


You're so right; a smell can instantly transport us back to a flashback moment, sometimes to things we haven't thought about for ages. Hope you've dried out now.

UK lass in US

Cheltenham and Sheffield are both places that I have lived. I was never too keen on the smell of rain after the heat, though - it always seemed too overpowering to me. I was always more a fan of the sound.


Oh yes, the power of scent. I too smelt the rain today before I realised what it meant. It meant a basket full of wet clothes.


I was hoping for a lot more rain than we actually got today.

Annie @ knitsofacto

It is one of the most evocative scents isn't it. I guess because we must all associate it with the release from heat that has often become hard to bear. Or maybe it's more primeval than that because the coming of the rain must have been celebrated down the millenia.

Gorgeous image ... makes me feel like dancing in the rain, except we don't have any yet!


That is known as 'petrichor' - the scent of rain on dry earth. (And I thank you Dr.Who: episode 'The Doctor's Wife').

Thomasina Tittlemouse

I could almost smell that evocative warm sudden scent off the screen! Yes, you are so right about the power of smell to transport us completely back somewhere in the past even somewhere we are not conscious of being firmly lodged in our memory. I love that and its unexpectedness because there's something so sudden about all smells. You write beautifully of your time in Sheffield. Doesn't matter that you didn't have a camera - the memory is yours forever even without a pic. How lovely to enjoy it again through summer rain years later.


Wonderful post - know exactly what you mean.


Such a lovely smell! We have a little table just under our not-quite-a-porch-just-a-sticking-out-bit-of-roof and we sat out there with our cups of tea to enjoy the shower.

French Knots

Smell leads to such powerful memories, pipe tobacco takes me back to being about 7 and shopping with my Popsie who's pipe was always firmly lodged in his mouth.
Sweet rain on dried earth encapsulates summer. Though as it has been raining all day today I'm ready for the sun again!


Precisely so.

Sew Create It - Jane

There is nothing like warm rain smell ...I have fond memories of it in Canada and dancing in the puddles :-)




I was hoping for a big thunder storm along with the rain, but the storm that arrived was very disappointing.


Lovely memory. I love rain (I'm a deprived Texan) and don't think I could ever get tired of rainy days - love it all - the smell, the feel, the sound of it. And of course, the beautiful green earth as a result.
Happy Weekend!


That photo is fabulous!


The smell is just the best thing - especially when the smell arrives minutes before the rain drops themselves!

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