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01 August 2011


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Louise Paemen

Well done Ali, you must feel really delighted. I'd love a copy of Kids Crafternoon: Sewing.


The book looks beautifully presented and I just wanted to say huge congratulations. (but please don't include me in the draw to win... I think my brood are past the crafting with Mum stage!)


congratulations! I think the papercraft book would be a great hit with my boy, he loves nothing better than to leave tiny scraps of paper everywhere!


Your projects are fab! The book looks fab! Congratulations and here's hoping for many more published projects.

Oh, and I do love a spiral bound book!

harmony and rosie

Many congratulations, I'm not surprised you're so thrilled. The book looks a goodie.


That's so exciting Ali! Don't include me in the draw for a copy as I have already ordered it and the sewing one for the little Lockets! I couldn't resist when I had a famous friend contributing to it!! Lucy x


I know my 9 year old daughter would LOVE the sewing book. She appears to be devoting her summer holidays to raiding my fabric stash, making "things".


Oh Ali this is sooo exciting! I'm so happy it turned out so beautifully. And I would love to win a copy of your Kids Crafternoon: Papercraft!

K x


Congratulations! It looks fantastic. I put a copy of Kids Crafternoon: Papercraft on my Amazon wish list back when you first mentioned it in March, so I'd love to get hold of a copy. My oldest (10 tomorrow!) loves making things with scraps of paper, glue and wool (although I don't enjoy vacuuming up the resulting mess quite so much).

The Coffee Lady

That looks fantastic. I always knew you were a genius! I love the look of the papercrafts book.


I love the idea of the sewing one, although the papercraft one would also be fun!


I would love the Sewing one. Thanks for the chance!!! : )

The List Writer

Oh Ali, this looks wonderful! You must all be as pleased as punch to see your contributions in print. Spiral binding and an envelope for full-sized templates mean so much - they instantly makes the book more usable.

I'd love a copy of the papercrafts book because it is something I know almost nothing about, but my daughter loves - we need some more ideas!


Congratulations, well done you- it looks just brilliant. I'd love to win a copy of the crafternoon book. Laura x


Sorry, I meant to specify- papercraft...I want to make the pop up cards :)


The book looks amazing! What a great project to be a part of! I LOVE the moose pictured below your cards!


Many congratulations Ali! How exciting to see your ideas in print - a special thing indeed! My children are avid paper crafters but recently Ruby has started to sew more and more by herself so the sewing book would definitely be up our street.


this book looks wonderful - congratulations on being part of it! those card projects are very inspiring - you've certainly sold me on the papercraft book!

Susie Moten

I would love the sewing one, as I am just learning how to sew and my 9 year old would like to learn. Thanks for your blog!


The books look fantasic -- I would be happy with either one! Thanks for the chance to win!


Congrats on the book! Your projects are awesome! Both books look lovely, but my daughter would just love the paper one!


Squeeeeee, how exciting! Yay for you!


Love both the books but would like to win a copy of the sewing book.


Oh Ali, how completely splendid. The thrill of seeing your work in a book! I want to say a million well dones to you, I have been reading your blog for so long that I sort of feel I know you a little, in so I feel rather proud of you! I would love to win a copy but if I don't win then I will be buying a copy with haste! Looks like the very thing to keep the holiday boredom at bay.


The Papercraft book looks fab and a copy would be very well received in our boy-heavy household. Your paper projects are always so inspiring on the blog but I've never quite had the nerve to have a go myself. This book could be the jumpstart we need ... Thanks for bringing it to our attention and for the opportunity to win a copy.


The book looks fab - well done to you , it must be very satisfying to see your efforts in print. I have two boys and they often raid my crafty bits, and that's before the vast quantities of paper, string and sellotape they get through! Kids Crafternoon papercraft sounds right up their street.Thanks for your inspiring blog and the chance to win.


I would love to win papercraft book!


I would love the papercarft book!


Both look great but if I had to pick I'd go for sewing :-) Thank you so much for the chance :-)

Allison C

I would love to get the sewing one!


I would love both books so i would be happy with either one. Loved the interview, thanks for including it.

NW Homesteader

Oh I would love either one!!! I think my kids and I would have a great time with these.


Congratulations! It must be so exciting to see it for you and the family. Your boys have a celebrity Mum!

I love the Papercraft book. Those owls are fabulous...and you know how I feel about owls! x


I would adore to win a copy of the papercraft book :-) I have a young son & teach kids art classes, so this book would be so wonderful!


hard to choose - they look so great - I think I would choose the papercraft! thanks!


I would love more ideas for sewing projects for kids


yay!! it's out!!

I'm so excited for you... brilliant, well done...

(must bring it next time we meet!!)


Congratulations Ali! That's wonderful. x


Kids Crafternoon :Papercraft is top of my list, but the sewing title is very close behind!

Mary Preston

Either "Kids Crafternoon:Sewing or Kids Crafternoon:Papercraft" would be wonderful thank you.

I seriously could not choose!!


Terri Chant

I'd love the Papercraft book .. I have an 11 year old boy and it is so difficult to find manageable projects that appeal to him, and are not just full of flowers and fairies! He is not up for sewing but could be persuaded to wield some scissors!!

French Knots

How excitng for all of you, no wonder the boys want to give everyone a book with your brilliant projects in.
Would love a copy of the papercraft book as it might get my grumpy children crafting together instead of arguing for a while!

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