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12 April 2011


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Yes thank goodness for the sunshine! It does make all the difference. I was thinking of making that very cake for the cafe this weekend, as I was seduced by the book in the library last week! Oh and I have the napkins and place mats that match your new cloth :)

K x


Marvellous isn't it? We have actually bought new garden furniture which is surely the kiss of death to the sunshine.


My mouth is watering......no really ! All i have to do is think of lemons and my mouth waters...or passionfruits...

nina - tabiboo

There's nothing like a bit of class in the garden - rather - and as for sneezing - I've been doing so for about a month now!

Enjoy the sunshine - it's another glorious day here again today....atchoo!

Nina xxxx


Yay for sunshine! We're finally getting some here too and all traces of snow have disappeared. I love the oil cloth - very restrained and grown up choice!!


That cake looks divine!
We've been taking our evening meal on the veranda as well. What a joy to be outside, and the house stays just a little bit cleaner, as a bonus.


Isn't it wonderful what a little sunshine can do. I must make that cake - especially as my lemon thyme is sprouting anew.


That's definitely classy.

I'm suffering with spring hayfever, but not as bad as normal so that's great! x


My mothers day present too! I've made the Earl Grey Cupcakes and the Rhubarb and Almond Loaf- both delish- and the Lemon and Thyme Loaf is next on my list. Looks yummy! Laura x

The Coffee Lady

Oilcloth for the garden furniture! Why didn't I think of that?


My favourite photo subject ever is cherry blossom against a true blue sky. I love lemon cake too - the addition of Thyme sounds interesting


mmmm looks delicious


I keep meaning tomake some oilcloth cushions for the outside chairs. Is it likely to happen this year I wonder?


Thank the gods SOMEBODY is doing her part to end the frightful scurvy epidemic.

(The oilcloth is a great idea! Although by the time I purchase some, it'll be too hot to venture outside.)


that was the first recipe I tried too. So delicious...

And here's a big toast for a glorious summer too.

(yeah.. right...)


Isn't it lovely to be eating outside again - we did it for the first time this week. Your oilclothed table looks lovely - very classy indeed and that lemon and thyme loaf looks delicious. Here's to lots more summer baking and garden feasts!


Beautiful photos! That loaf cake looks so good.


The sunshine has been so welcome. So welcome.

I love that you're providing anti-scurvy tips. Arrrggghh.


yes! I crave sunshine. I think I should have been born in the deep long summer day south.


Even though, at heart, I'm a foot of snow Narnia girl, I do enjoy meals at the garden table. Must get going with the Karcher if we're to avoid dining with a host of spiders.


I love the tablecloth. Oh & as a fellow sufferer, I had tried every natural and over the counter hayfever treatment available...last summer I went and asked my GP if he'd prescribe me Telfast (prescrip. only). It has been life-transforming - I'm really not someone who takes medicines lightly, but it seems worth it for the summer happiness it brings - just thought it might be worth mentioning in case you are in need of harder stuff than Boots can provide. x

French Knots

The sunshine is such a life enhancer, perhaps as we don't see it often. We had lunch outside several days last week but without a stylish tablecloth or delicious loaf cake. Must try harder!


PS: There is a picture of my Hummingbird rhubarb loaf cake here Laura x


That cake looks delicious! Enjoy the sunshine.


Hi, just found your blog and love it. So many yummy recipes!

I recently purchased the hummingbird bakery cake days and this cake is one that I plan on making soon. Your cake looks delish!

Feel free to pop over to my blog :)


suzie sews at Dotty Red

sunshine and cake, does it get any better...


Mmmm sound perfect. Kx

UK lass in US

I think that England has been having better weather than California lately - ours keeps ricocheting between the 60s and the 90s.

My husband booked a trip home right in the middle of hayfever season. I'm wondering how many packs of tissues can be put in my hand luggage before the customs people start raising eyebrows...

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