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06 March 2011


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The List Writer

Those brownies are so darn good. Gill and I have been taking them on our weekday walks for mid-morning sustenance.

I love a glass of ice cold milk to drink when I am really thirsty, but our family is divided. My daughter shudders when she even sees anyone else drinking it.


I made those brownies this week. The next day? They barely lasted the evening (but in our defence I did make a small batch).


Thanks Ali - 2 days before I give up chocolate for lent!!! I will keep them in mind for 42 days time !!


oh, yeah, it's gotta be COLD. and i like milk best in a mug or a paper cup. weird?

did you play field hockey or ice hockey in college? i played field hockey in high school - but i rarely run into anyone on this side of the country that knows what that is!


Oh I am so with you about the third pint bottles of milk. I haven't drunk milk at all since then. Blurgh!

Petit Filoux

I've seen those on another blog and I must say they look very moorish! May be tempted to eat it all on my own though, so best stay away!
About the milk, I drank UHT milk as well in France, very few people use fresh milk - I found it weird when I first got here that habits were so different


Those brownies I shall definitely make... but the milk... I'm afraid those warm bottles of school milk put me off completely.


Oh the horrors of school milk, especially in summer- still instantly recalled after 40 years. When I was very small (at a state nursery) we also had compulsory codliver oil. We won't dwell on that - think about brownies, quick!


I think school milk put me off milk for life .. I'll only have it freezing cold on cereal and even then just enough to make the cereal wet -- When I was younger my mam would make us have a glass of milk at every tea time and I would always tell her it was sour.. serves me right really as one day it was actually sour and I was made to drink it as she didn't believe me !!


Brownies with double decker biscuits inside them? Count me in.

I have a mug of warm milk most nights before bed. I sold my rocking chair but I do have fingerless gloves, a scarf that could pass as a muffler and a vintage granny blanket. What is wrong with this picture? I am not yet forty!


This is my favourite recipe right now - just so damn delish! I love milk too, we get ours from the milkman and i still find it lovely to find it on the doorstep!


Thank God we don't have Oreo's around here ...
and we're not used to drinking cold milk, nobody does here, I know, it's bad.

The Coffee Lady

I've made no secret of my love of milk. I don't even need brownies. But I could be swayed...


ok, Oreos? I held them responsible for gaining 10kg in the ten months I spent as an au pair State-side. They're simply too wonderful. And did you know they were first 'created' almost 100 years ago? Amazing.

Oh they're so good. You're an evil friend. How could I ignore such a recipe?


Oooh I really do need to get my book out now! And ice cold milk is just the thing with chocolate. But definitely not warm milk--eeeuw!

K x


Those brownies look great. I'm so pleased Lorraine has been so popular - she's lovely.

I love milk - cold warm or hot, even though I went though a phase between 7 and 15 of not drinking it. That's what I blame for not growing any taller since I was 13! x


Field hockey - ice hockey's pretty rare over here as there aren't that many rinks.

Ali x

> To: alisonhudson03@hotmail.com

French Knots

I had measles when I was about 7 and after that I couldn't stand the taste of milk, bleeuurgh!
But the brownies look good enough to force a glass of milk down.


I loved Margaret Thatcher: she took my milk away.


Miam miam (as they say in French).I bought a packet of oreos before going on holiday with the intent on making these. I have never mastered the art of brownie making - that elusive gooeyness. So I just ate the oreos instead.


ali its way past my bedtime..and thanks now all I'm thinking about is eating a brownie. :) Looks so yummy.

UK lass in US

Ah, I remember those wee glass milk bottles fondly: mainly because I never drank one at school... even after hockey games.

Tch, I wish that my kids could play hockey. I wonder if my parents still have my stick. Maybe I could introduce it to the LA area.

I'm ignoring the brownie picture. I'm trying to be good


Imagine living in a house where there are brownies left to eat the next day...

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