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01 March 2011


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well done you!

those recipe sounded awfully complicated and accomplished... I'm sorry you didn't make it through, but hey, I'm still unbelievably impressed you got so far!!!

well done you!


wow, this is so cool! I'm 10000% certain that everything that you made was sssuuuuppppeeeerrrrr perfect good.


You are amazing! I was thinking of you all day yesterday. I'm so impressed you made it all the way to the semis. Just think how many applications they must have received. Will you share your palm pie recipe? They look fabulous!

And I added the bread book to my Amazon wish list too!

K x


Blimey, I'm impressed anyway! I'd buy your food - it sounds fab!

And psssst, if you want to try the bread without shelling out for the book, at least to start with:


It has, quite literally, changed my breadmaking life. I even use locally ground wholemeal flour and it works beautifully.


What a fabulous experience and one that I'm sure you'll never forget. Get to know your dough hook and I'd recommend the River Cottage bread handbook. Although I do confess the 5 minute bread is on my wish list too!


Well done - I think it sounds as though you did brilliantly (my marmalade cake always sinks in the middle!) I can't imagine how high the standard of baking must be.

The Coffee Lady

What a great day! Your pies sound great. I'd go for one right now, with or without the cream.

Petit Filoux

Oh no! Oh well, at least you got yourself a nice mixer out of it!! And I can imagine it must have been good fun to take part - I'd never have applied myself, I hate all stress and competitiveness in the kitchen!

The List Writer

That sounds like so much fun! If it were me I would be boasting about the pastry compliments for YEARS to come!


I'm suddenly feeling hungry, looking at your baking; it looks very very can-I-have-one-please-yes-NOW. What a great day!


I was thinking of you yesterday - wondering how you were doing and my thought flags were waving furiously. You've made me hungry too - I love the sound of those palm pies. I think I may have been a little relieved too - it does sound pressured - I wonder whether the camera would have taken away some of the enjoyment. It's so wonderful that you entereed and got so far down the line. There must have been tens of THOUSANDS of entries. Sheesh.


Those recipes sound like absolute winners to me and I'm so pleased the judges approved. It must have felt like a lovely compliment to your culinary skills even if you didn't make it through to the next round.


Hey ho, well done for getting as far as you did! You got a bit of excitement without the scary appearing on TV bit!
Your palm pies look scrummy too!

simply h

Well done Ali - your pies looked wonderful and the cake sounded delicious (and highly complicated to make if you ask me!). I did wonder how you were getting on yesterday and well done for getting so far, what an exciting adventure xx

nina - tabiboo

Good going - blimey 'phew' talk about a brow wiping moment.

I've just caught up with your last post as well and am mightly impressed - hats off 100% for even getting to that stage.

Happy baking,

Nina xxx


Well done you. What a great experience.

I got into bread making a few years ago and I use The Bread Book by Linda Collister. It's very good, thorough and has lots of nice recipes.


Wow! Sounds like a really fun experience -- if not VERY nerve-wracking! Do you have a link where those of us not in your fair country could have a gander -- I'd love to be able to view it. (Ok, just to listen to your accents would do it for me -- forget those blue eyes LOL!) Congratulations on all that effort AND success!!!


Well done, Ali, it sounds as though you had a great day! Many congratulations on your pastry talents - hold your head high!

Janice Perkin

well done - how nice to have met those two as well

patchwork linda

I think it's a great achievement to get as far as you did,Very well done.


You've done fantastically well and your baking looks delicious! I'm hungry now!! Lucy xx


I think you did so well to get so far and to have such high compliments for your pastry and marmalade loaf. I am sure that you definitely got the fun end of it too, just as you said. More pressure in the later rounds could have made it a lot less enjoyable.


It sounds like you had a great day and your baking sounds very scrummy


I'm so impressed!! How marvellous to have made it that far. Well done you. And you get to keep your recipes to yourself, and us of course... x


O Ali, the thrill of it all, you tell the story perfectly. I am a little sad that I won't be seeing you on the screen, this time, but you are top of my cool list for getting to the point of baking go Mary & Paul and "good pastry" is something some of us will never achieve.

So now, how about a little recipe sharing, those pies sound divine.


It sounds like so much fun! Congratulations!!


Well done Ali! It sounds like it was an eventful day. You must be very proud of your pastry. Something to dine out on for years! x

French Knots

What an adventure, it must have been quite pressurised baking in a competitve environment but Paul Hollywood looks delicious...........I mean your pies look delicious! Congratulations on having done so well.x

Magic Bean

Hooray for honesty. Hooray for marmalade cake and hip hip hooray for tip top pastry. Am in awe of your calm and bravery. Welcome back to real life! Ax


That may be your finest achievement so far...

But your recipes sound delicious and I'll be waiting for the publication of your first book eagerly!

mmm tiny pies with little sage leaves and mmmmm marmalade cake!!!!


I don't know if I would have been able to even prepare anything. It takes stamina so congrats to you.


wow-well done Ali, you must be delighted! what a brilliant achievement and experience, certainly something to go on your 'Cool things I did in 2011' list! Your palm pies sound delicious, my mouth is watering! you will no doubt enjoy the series when it airs all the more for having taken a small part in proceedings-you were far braver than I could have been!


Well done Ali, sounds like you had a great time and what a lovely complement to come away with. Definitely a super experience to have had and now you can sit back and relax with a glass of wine and watch the people who make it through sweat and swear and generally get very hot under the collar as competition unfolds and probably be a little bit glad that you're not there under the studio lights!


Oh well done you getting to the stage that you did - what an experience x


Oh Ali, I'm so proud of you! Wish I could say Mary Berry has eaten my cake and pronounced it perfect!


Well done you - so exciting and soooo terrifying!! I would have fallen to pieces along with my melting moments!


Two Owls

It really does sound like a fantastic experience, getting to bake for and impress Mary Berry and crumb-structure-aficionado Paul Hollywood.
That really is the stamp of approval for your pastry!


It sounds like you had an excellent day despite not getting through to the next round. Well done you.



Well done, I hope you will be sharing your recipes with us!!


That sounds like such great fun. I think good pastry is way harder to make than bread.


Hiya, I'm one of those people who read a blog but don't always comment, but I really wanted to say it was quite inspiring what you did, havingthe confidence to actually do it and not just talk about it. And to meet Mary Berry too! I swear by her cake book and completely imagined her as an efficent health visitor!


Wow, how brilliant, well done!


Well done! Just reading about it all made me feel slightly nervous. I don't think I could cope cooking under pressure like that. Funnily enough I've just bought a copy of the book that came out after the first series, and I've been writing up a little piece about it. I wasn't that taken with the show at first and then, very suddenly, I was completely gripped!

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