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25 February 2011


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wow! go ali!


How exciting!

Oooh ooh ooh - I will have to email you about this at the weekend! ;0) x


Gasp!! Ali, I am squealing, squealing I tell you, with excitement. I will be rooting for Team Ali all the way.


Oh this is so exciting! I definitely want to hear all about it--every detail! And speaking of details, which color did you pick?

K x


Oh what fun! You go, girl. And as Kristina said, what colour did you pick? Spill the beans! Details please.


Oh my, oh my! Good luck, you!

No holding out though - we need mixer details ...

The Coffee Lady

Oh wow! I want you to get through! I am sending you good baking thoughts.


Ooo how exciting! Congratulations on getting this far, I bet it will be a fun (terrifying but fun!) day. I inherited a Kenwood Chef from my Great Aunt Ithurial and I love it, dough hook and all :)

ps A Waitrose has just opened near my house and I think my partner has moved in... so many luxury ingredients so little time...


Wow! Well done Ali! Hope you have fun.


Wow!!! And double, WOW! What fun - and yes, a picture of the chosen colour is definately in order. (I'm planning on a pear green one!!) x


Oh my goodness that is just so exciting!! Well done you for going for it. Good luck in the next round - I will be keeping my viennese fingers crossed for you!


Oh, this is fantastic news. I will keep everything crossed for you!


OhMyGosh -- how exciting!!! I can't wait to hear the rest of this story -- what fun. And you're going to LOVE your new mixer!!!


Oh my goodness. I am rooting for you all the way. I am waving flags and cheering.


Oh Ali... how exciting! In fact I'm all excited on your behalf. And a new mixer too... could it get any better!


Cor blimey Ali.


And a mixer to the bargain! Have fun in London...congratulations!!!

The List Writer

Wow! I don't know which I'm more excited about - the stand mixer (I have one and it really is my BFF) or sharing cakes with Mary Berry - eeep! Well done!


OH WOW!! I was addicted to the last series, you go Ali! You definitely deserve a stand mixer!!!


Holy shit that's brilliant!! I loved the last series & have been working through the book to prove it.

Also deeply excited by the stand mixer :)


OMG that is so exciting!! I would love to see you get through!! Good luck :)


Woo go Ali! Am super excited for you (and only a little jealous - next time tell us all about the form!). And am very excited about the new mixer too, I have my eye on one of them!


Oh wow!!!! That's SO exciting - but what on earth are you going to bake?! I think I would be paralysed with indecision. Good luck for Tuesday.xx


Very exciting!


Ooh, how exciting, I can't wait to hear what happens. I know you are going to love your stand mixer, I adore mine.


What incredibly exciting news! Well done you, be thinking of you next week.
Go Ali!
Lisa x


Wow what a fantastic opportunity! Enjoy every minute.


Gosh, how exciting. At least you'll have the stand mixer whatever happens!

janet clare

how exciting! Enjoy every minute of it. And wear a homemade apron!

Alice C

Proud of you!!

I am pondering whether we should all be wearing aprons with pictures of cupcakes and 'TEAM ALI' across the front.


hey!!! I'm glad you own up publicly... there's definitively no going back now, we won't let you!!!

and the mixer? sooo jealous. What colour?


How exciting is that!! I enjoyed the last series and look forward to cheering you on in the next! Have a fantastic day!


So many congratulations - I shall watch your blog even closer for news of your progress.

KitchenAid or Kenwood? I have had a Kenwood ever since I married in 1977 (wedding present from my mother). Not the same one though - I have worn out 2 and the third is on its last legs. Thinking of a KitchenAid next because they come in such pretty colours...


Please don't tell me you have a red kitchen aid. I might die of jealousy.

The great british bake off indeed - well done you. I hope it goes well and we get to see you on the telly. I'm sending good baking vibes your way.

Janice Perkin

so exciting - well good luck


Ali that is FANTASTIC news! Well done! Lucy xxx

French Knots

Goodness how exciting, what an adventure it will be! We can all wear our best pinnies and bake something on Tuesday to support youx

Simone Schermann

In any case, it will be a great experience! Good luck.


Blummin' heck, I'm well impressed. The results of your baking aways looks marvellous on your blog so I'm sure Mary & co will enjoy munching on them. Good luck.


wow wow and wow. and enjoy your mixer you'll love it, I made the most amazing mashed pototoes in mine the other day........


Golly, how exciting - we really enjoyed that show last time around - I shall be watching with baited breath to see how you get on!

Megan  Young

You're already a star, Ms. Ali. Probably about time the rest of the world understand this fact.


This requires me to congratulate you and to send off all my best vibes.
And that knit does look fantastic on you!
Chin up and off you go with all your support fans cheering.


Something tells my Aquarian nature that you will be appearing on the little screen - you wait and see!

Pen at Oliver Boliver

How exciting; a new mixer and a tv audition! Good luck and in the words of Johnny Craddock, "may all your doughnuts turn out like Fanny's". ;)

simply h

How exciting Ali, what fantastic news. Sending you good luck and yummy baking vibes xx


Oh well done Ali - first for being game enough to fill in the application and for making it through to a taste-off. I hope you get through to the screen bit because you'd be brilliant even with a few nerves! Hope your new mixer does you proud and keeps all your cake batter light and airy ready for the big day! PS: Adore your tweedy throw from a few posts back - it's stunning!


Wow!!! Good for you Ali! Oh and I totally thought that about Kirstie's Homemade Home ;)
Hope it goes well!!

Petit Filoux

Oh wow that's so cool, good luck for tomorrow!!!


oh I so want to know what happened! That was 3 days ago now....tell me tell me. You are my baking queen! seriously.

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