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03 November 2010


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Alice C

I had always assumed that it would get easier to let your children go as they grew older and more independent but I was wrong - join the club, Ali.


With the exception of summer vacation, which is so long it's a relief for the boys to be out of the house for an extended stretch of time, I find that I prefer to have my children nearby. I enjoy weekends and winter break and spring break. Even if we're just hanging out in the same room reading, it's nice.

Ah, the cleaning up. It never really stops, does it? Sigh ...



I love that song! I remember when it came out. Why don't you play it whilst you make order of the mayhem!


I'm really with you on that one. It certainly doesn't get easier. On the plus side, I love that space craft and might have to make some myself - with the children obviously!


Fantastic spaceship.

The Coffee Lady

He's cool, though, the man in the pod.

UK lass in US

I felt bad for dreading the long summer holiday - it turns out that it is only far too long when you are stuck with 2 kids without a car and the kids can't play outside much because of a heatwave... This summer was great. I do wish we had half-terms, though, instead of the long long summer holiday.

lucy locket

I miss the children when they go back to school now too. I always almost dreaded the holidays when they were tiny and needed constant entertainment but now I love tehm.

Modern Dilemma

By crikey that song's a throw back to my youth, brilliant choice & love the clip too. Your ability to get your kids making great craft is inspiring Ali, I may well borrow this idea for some fun with Only Son.
This was our first half term since I returned to work. After 2 weeks off I returned to work today feeling very sad and the middle one hasn't even gone back yet! I think the time you have with your children becomes more enjoyable the older they are. By the time they are ready to leave home I'll be weeping on the front path like a mad woman....
MD x


I hear you, I got on with my chores today and it was just too quiet !!


It was my first half term now both the boys are at school and I loved it, but I do missb them so, so much


I'm lost in memories from that song! Thanks for the reminder - I'd completely forgotten it.

Hope you're week is panning out again - nearly the weekend.

French Knots

I battle the mayhem everyday but it doesn't seem to make any difference, against three children and a husband I'm never going to win!


Love the spaceship! Now that my two are in school I relish all the time I can get with them, it seems to be slipping away so fast!

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