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17 November 2010


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The Coffee Lady

I achieved something at (my other) work! This is so utterly newsworthy I cannot even begin to tell you.


And we are back to normality after a bout of sickness doing the rounds too! Although ours didn't last a week, thank goodness. Beautiful balls there - you're making your own splash of colour.


Glad to hear Johnny's better now. We seem to have an epidemic at school of children complaining about having stomach ache so I am just waiting for that one to come home ...

Love the balls, especially the wire ones.


House arrest would really be no fun without something crafty to do. I love your balls! ahem...

Glad to hear Johnny is on the mend, it sounds like he's had a rough week.



oh dear, poorly children are no fun.... hope everyone else stays healthy xxx


So glad you're on the other side of it now. Looking forward to seeing your garland - the colours are fab!


I have had maxi off with an ear infection and got nothing sone, as all he wanted was cuddles, which suited me fine!


gorgeous colours!! I love them in that bowl...


Good that the virus is going. (We're still playing virus relay..) Love the colours and the textures of the balls!


A week? That must have been a feisty virus. Poor Johnny. I'm so glad things have eased.

Well, my blogging has been a little haphazard and botched but the little flag garland necklace I made has made me smile. Plus rubies - I made things with rubies. I suddenly felt like jeweller to a princess.

I knew that had to be the makings of a garland.


Well, you posted, so that's going well for me! Those balls are gorgeous! I hope your little Johnny is feeling better. When my oldest was little, he used to get these mystery fevers -- the Dr. would always say there was nothing he could do, unless they went longer than 5 days. Mysteriously, the fevers always broke within about 12 hours of the mythical deadline!


Beautiful! Love the colors, and I'm glad Johnny is on the upswing. I like your attitude, focus on the lovely and the positive. Have a great end to the week!


So glad Johnny is feeling better. Love the felt balls. Have a felt ball making class on Sunday so dreams of festive garlands (and funky necklaces) here, too! K x


I love the balls--the mix of wire and felt is such a lovely contrast! Sorry about the sick boy--it's morning here, and I just found out I have a sick boy, too. But I'm sure something will happen today I can appreciate.



Hi Ali,

the colours for the garland are just beautiful - can't do felt and always amazed by people who can


Love those balls! They are going to make a beautiful garland.


Beautiful for a garland. We had the lurgy & I couldn't do my stint at the Charity shop but I went in today as someone else called in sick .... I was sent home early for good behaviour plus I found a lovely old illustrated dictionary to buy !

French Knots

Glad he's on the mend, a week is a long time to be laid up.
Nap time went well for me today as The Baby Brother had a very long one and I spent ages with my sewing machine.


such pretty colours! I'm not blogging much but trying to get in the holiday mindset so that I'm not too last minute. I did go to the bead studio to make some beads last night - after a 2 mos. hiatus so that's good...


Glad to hear that Johnny is better - it is the season of viruses which always seem to strike when they are most inconvenient. It's good that you were able to put your time between nursing to good use though - love your bowl of balls!


My elder son had a month of that one winter: turned out to be an ASYMPTOMATIC sinus infection. Go figure: no sore eyes, no pounding temples, just a temp. that would recur every two days or so (esp tough when one's parents are teachers and have to do sub plans when missing school. . .)--finally gave up, went to the dr.and presto! A solution! Hope your boy is on the mend.


Beautiful colours you've chosen.

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