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22 September 2010


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What a gorgeous cake! And the perfect morning coffee treat. I bet it says Happy Birthday when you sit in front of it. It's just the camera perspective :)

K x


birthday happy sounds great to me, and it looks divine, hope it made a delicious morning coffee treat x

Julia York

I think you were probably reading logically from the front to the back.... it works. Yummy looking cake!


Lovely cake! And I love a snazzy candle.

I am overwhelmed with birthdays in September too. I feel like I haven't stopped gift-wrapping for weeks.

birthday happy to everyone!


Happy Birthday to all. I rather love the candles and not only did I not notice the candle placement amiss, I am pretty sure I would do it exactly the same way.


Just loving those candles!

Birthday wishes all round.


That cake looks so good! And the candles are very festive.

The Coffee Lady

I think I shall designate it a birthday this weekend, having looked at this cake. there must be something round here that we've had a year.

Maybe those shoes...


That cakes would go down well here - yum. Loving the candles

Petit Filoux

It's soon to be birthday season here too - I can't wait to "have" to make cakes!! Yours looks delicious! And the candles are absolutely fine! You just have to read the closest ones first!


We're about to start our second run of birthdays for the year. This time it's two sons in the same week, my mum and my brother. The cake looks delicious.


There is nothing like a good cake to keep everyone happy. The birthday candles are a great idea. The amount of regular birthday candles needed on my cake would cause the cake to collapse!


Happy Birthdays all round. We're entering a run of them too.

Oh, and when I had similar candles I put them in a ring all around the cake so the only way to read it sensibly was to rotate it. Whoops.

UK lass in US

Oh that looks delicious

August is birthday season around here. Hmm, I'm going to have to think of a reason for cake in September...


having all three of my children with birthdays within one week in september i know how you feel!!!



Oh, good cake. Good candles. Cake would be good tonight.

Hope everyone has a fabulous time x


Definitely too busy munching and I'm not surprised, it looks so good. Happy birthday to the birthday boy, now I'm off in search of cake!


September is our birthday season too - my father-in-law, me, my mum, my grandma, my brother-in-law ... it's the best time of year! Love the cake too, and the candle positioning!


Its a pity they don't do bracket shaped candles..you know...


Still snickering about the Birthday Happy (in a loving way, mind you)...

All we've got at this time of year are half-birthdays, so I'll live vicariously through you and yours.


Happy Birthdays to everyone.
You know the month of September must be the month. It's the same in my husbands family. 6 birthdays in September.


that looks like a very very good cake.

I resorted to baking rock buns so that I could satisfy my desire of baking and not ruin my training for the race. I hate rock buns so I wasn't tempted... that cake on the other hand...



it's funny how that birthday season thing works - ours is the last week of October and first week of November - seven birthdays and Halloween!
Love your cake stand.


What a beautiful cake -- it looks yummy. And reads perfectly too, for those of us that read front to back!

little pink room

It looks lovely. I don't think I would have noticed the order of the words either. "mMMm cake" would be the only think on my mind. A x

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