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07 September 2010


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Petit Filoux

Well that sounds like a pretty good plan to me!!


What I wouldn't give for an empty silent house! Go on, enjoy it just for one day.


Hello there,
Stumbled on your site whilst doing "research" (ahem... time wasting.)

No I don't like breakfast immediately either and have always been met with expressions of bemusement from him-indoors about that.

I don't have nippers yet, so to me a silent house is common and sometimes a bit sad. Work from home see...


I've been back on porridge for about a week now and although I am an early riser I can't cope with breakfast before about 8.30. Enjoy your silence!

The Coffee Lady

I know that cup. It's the one I sneak home and drink before I go to work, when I actually should be there already.


I've lost count of the number of times I have run out of time for breakfast and had it after the school run. Unfortunately, the last time I forgot to eat it was the morning I had scheduled a blood test that was explicitly meant to be *non* fasting. Whoops.

I now eat porridge. For 40 years I couldn;t but now I can. Bizarro.


I had a yearning for porridge this morning but was too lazy to make it. Now that I've seen yours it's definitely on the menu tomorrow!

My special treat is my one cup of coffee a day - made with espresso powder and warmed milk and I have it after the school run just before starting work....savouring the calm and silence.



I've been eating porridge since the last day of August! Muesli and fresh fruit seems a distant memory. Enjoy your free time tomorrow with whatever plans you make. x


I think that actually that is a very very good plan!!


For the first time in weeks, I ate breakfast at 7.30am and was starving by 9.30am!

Sitting around tomorrow sounds like the best of plans. I've had a very weird, lazy day today. Very unsettling!


I know what you mean about the second cup of coffee. I always look forward to it.

I don't like eating breakfast so early, but I do like coming home at 8 after dropping off the boys at school and having a full morning in front of me to do my work (and drink my coffee). My boys seem fine with eating at that hour, as long as I make them french toast ...

Hope your morning is peaceful and not too sad!



I'm the same. I hate breakfast with a passion. Brunch, on the other hand, is a fantastic invention! I find porridge is a nice way to sneak food into myself - it's non threatening and I can eat it without thinking, but it's not gross and bland.

I am going to have my second cup of coffee now. You've talked me into it...




Well said. As always!


I was just wondering what to mamke for breakfast. We haven't had porridge in an age.

And yes, I know that cup of coffee well. I love that cup of coffee.

A Thrifty Mrs

It really is porridge weather isn't it?
I can't believe how obvious the change in seasons has been this year.


I love THAT cup most of the day! Unfortunately here in the chilly North we have had quite a few porridge days already! Bon courage!


i remember that cup! but its been a few years. now i go back to school with the kids, but that is ok, my day is only 4 hours long. i need to make and eat more oatmeal! (i have those juice glasses too:)


i remember my mum despairing trying to get half a slice of bread into me before school! my bus left at 6.59am! if only she had known about porridge, or even cereal, but somehow those things had passed her by, it was always bread for breakfast!


I'm like them, I am not a breakfast person and really have to force myslef to eat it.

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