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19 March 2010


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I just love this... a portable bear hug !


How wonderful, I could do with a bear hug and also wanted to say thanks for posting about the Hungry Catapiller book event as it inspired


Fabulous! Instant hugs.


Awww, those are adorable - the boys and the arms!


Your boys look so huggable in their bear arms!!! I like the look of Hugless Douglas too! x

The Coffee Lady

What an exciting life you lead - people asking you for bear arms.


I'm loving those arms. Bet you didn't expect making bear arms to be a skill you would ever need!

UK lass in US

I want a hug. My kids are unlikely to oblige right now - they're sulking...


Oh how delicious. Much better than that scary hug they usded in the cold medicine ad a few years back. (Or was it cup of soup?)

little pink room

Sooo cute!!


Brilliant! I never get to make anything like this from my work!

Teddy Started It

Very nice - now you can get bear hugs whenever you want them.


can i have a hug please?


I'm so pleased to have made your acquaintance, thank you for calling. Do call by anytime you are in the neighbourhood I am at home ad lib. I have not been in these parts before. The air is very sweet. Do please give my regards to Mrs M. if you should chance to see her.

Alice C

If you need a hug I am prepared to set aside my self imposed restriction on such things and do some curly brackets:


Only for you, Ali.

Alice C

If you need a hug I am prepared to set aside my self imposed restriction on such things and do some curly brackets:


Only for you, Ali.

French Knots

Genius! So handy when you are having one of those days and need a good squeeze!


pure brillance! The perfect bear hug!


That is fantastic! Love those bea arms.


Oh how wonderful. You do the best book events. K x


They couldn't be more perfect.


Awww - and that looks like a lovely book too. I'll have to check it out...


Just what I needed - a Monday lunchtime hug. And I have to agree with Trahalou - so much better than the scary, I think it was soup, ones.


oh Ali, they're just perfect!

They're exactly right. HOw did the event go?

urban craft

Rarrrrrr! Awesome idea! Can't wait to try.

David Melling

Aha! I've just stumbled across your blog Ali! I have these brilliant arms safely tucked away at home but promise to return them to you as soon as I have finished with thm. My kids want to keep them but I said they'll just have to make do with me. They weren't impressed. Bless their wholesome little hearts.

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