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09 May 2007


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You are a sewing maniac. First that heavenly bag, now this. You've inspired to head back to a looming Unfinished Object - my big beatiful bag...


i have that book on hold at the library! can't wait to see it.


I love the placemat. And the fabric. I wish our IKEA sold fabric...


Hello :) I just found your blog and I'm happy of it ! Your creations are soooo amazing ! I also added you to my flickr contact :) Tons of smooches from Belgium ! Sandrine alias didine http://www.flickr.com/photos/legrenierdedidine/


you're on fire lately... what kind of stuff are you taking? send me some because i'm feeling flat as a pancake.

Lovely mat. I've got THE book too. The fabric shes uses are soooo divine.


The placemat is FAB! Send me some of your energy for sewing!

Rose Vintage

Uh oh - I feel a purchase coming on..Love the placemat - looks great with that fabric...How do you find the time?


Katie Jean

great idea! I love the projects in this book!


i'm heading over right now!


Well done on setting up the flickr group - now I just have to buy the book....


Oooh I didn't realise that was your group - great idea.

I keep coming across that book and have been slightly put off by a couple of patterns being too large - I would never be able to adjust them myself. I'll keep an eye on the group and see if any of the things inspire me.......I'm sure they will!

Angel Jem

Love the idea.... but how do I sign up?
And I love the black-white look! What could you have used apart from tape that wouldn't crease? I mean, ribbon or material ties would crease.... I suppose a thin cord wouldn't, but then you'd have the problem of fraying... or a thin leather thong. No, Ali, this is Saturday morning, and I usually don't think... don't make me think...

little special

yet another reason to get my hands on a copy of this book - i'm off to check out the flickr group pool!

happy sewing! xx


Lovely blog - and great book recommendation. Want to get my old sewing machine out of the basement now! Nice to see your post of my chicken palm pies a few months ago...


I'm trying to be good not spending superfluous money, and there you tempting me with such lovely things. Thank god for libraries.


great placemat! And great group, too! I've been browsing it the last couple days as I worked on my tote.

Now I'm feeling like making an Ikea trip!


The book looks like a lot of fun! I can't wait to see all the pictures in the flickr group!

I wish we had a Ikea near us, you guys always have things to drool over.

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