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06 March 2007


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who would have thought that carbon would be the word of the year..well so far anyway.


going without a car is SO hard! i wish our society wasn't set up so that we NEEDED them.

(do you speak parseltongue?)


Yeah - There is a good school 15-20 miles south in SW Austin and I am just trying not to let myself consider it for Bea's future. The thought of that commute to and from twice a day??? Carbon, carbon. Still, I hope you car is out soon - that can be a drag.

Violet  Rose

We are really lucky in that it is easier for us to walk than drive to school and kindergarten because they are so close to us. Out the back gate, over the oval and hey presto. And, I see you won a yard of fabric! Good for you!

Ragged Roses

Sorry to hear about your car. When the sun shines it's not so bad but on a rainy day with kids needing to be here, there and everywhere it's no picnic! Think I must be a slytherin too - blogger is not letting me play today either. Thanks for the welcome
Kim x

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