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21 October 2006


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Oh my, those are hilarious. Is that a cow?


those are awesome - the cow is so cute! i like the idea of using natural things to make your decorations. you should make a little swedish tomte from .... something. no wait, I should! :)


I so wish we could see the sprout tree, it sounds fantastic!!!

Alicia A.

That little duck is so good. A pecan? Perfect. I'll have to try those with my little J!


Last year we just made clay tree decorations - maybe we should branch out this year and make bean balls. They look so tactile I couldn't blame little people for touching them too much.

As for the walnut duck what a great thing to make you smile on a Saturday evening.


I admire your balls!!! I love the idea of christmas deccies that are a bit different - the animals are very cute, I can see Amy wanting to have a go with those.


Love the idea of a sprout tree! I've realised my Christmas decorations are incredibly boring.


I think I need to go and buy some walnuts so I can make a duck... or an army of them. That's so cute!


I love the wine cork creatures! So cute!
I made gold sprayed walnuts about 15 years ago, but that feels like nothing now...


The cork creatures are adorable and
those books sound amazing! I would love to see more -


Sure, I'll have a go! We love anything Eastern European...I can't imagine what Polish craft books would be like, but I liked quite of bit of their handicraft!


how hysterical!

I love those 'balls' things though.

I attempted to dry orange slices one year... but forgot them in the oven. Have you got any idea how long does the smell of burnt oranges linger? Days!! Weeks even!! It still makes me sick just thinking about it.

Shame about the sprout tree. C'mon do another one!!


Such a great idea...so cute!


Oh I like those little cork sculptures. The little man reminds me of a fraggle rock character. I am interested in those books!

tiel s-k

threading and weaving sprouts? Now that is enthusiasm. Christmas makes us do some funny things doesn't it?


I don't know if I'm too late, Ali, but if any of your books were able to make a short-loan hop to Evesham, we'd definitely be game for some out-of-the-box crafting!! I absolutely LOVE the pine cone person - so sweet.


I wish you had a pic of the brussel sprout tree-it sounds too funny ( and stinky)! ;)


My goodness aren't they lovely. How did you ever get hold of a Polish craftbook?


I am crying laughing thinking about The Sprout Topiary and it's aroma. Thanks so much for the giggle.

I really like the balls though, I think I might give them a go.


Hi Alison, I am almost sure that the book is not Polish but Czech. Your tip was pretty close. The translation of its name means: Products from natural materials (Výrobky z přírodních materiálů). Where did you get it?

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